Our Work

O India, land of light and spiritual knowledge! Wake up to your true mission in the world,
show the way to union and harmony.

– The Mother

Historically, India used to abound with a stupendous amount of creativity in almost every conceivable field. But almost a thousand years of subjection to foreign powers has depleted it of its own original creative energies. Amidst this ruin, a new India is struggling to rise.

If India is to be raised once again to the high pedestal of the world, the youth of the country must come forward to take up this responsibility on their shoulders.

Our forefathers knew and saw that Spirit was the foundation of matter, and Life was but a field of manifestation of the innumerable potentialities of this one Spirit. Without this foundation, a strong superstructure cannot be built.

Our first object shall be to declare this ideal, insist on the spiritual change as the first necessity
 and group together all who accept it and are ready to strive sincerely to fulfil it: our second shall be to build up not only an individual but a communal life on this principle.

Hence this shall be our aim,

to understand the true cause of greatness of India in the past,

to recapture the thread of her progress, and then

to take her to yet greater and vaster glories that await her in the future.

In short, to bring back that dynamic spirituality which does not separate matter from Spirit and condemn matter, but that ancient synthesis where the whole world was seen as an evolving field of the Spirit.

For this, an outer activity as well as an inner change is needed and it must be at once a spiritual, cultural, educational, social and economical action. Its scope, too, will be at once individual and communal, regional and national, and eventually a work not only for the nation but for the whole human people.

Conditions for Taking Up This Work

The first condition is not to have one’s own personal interest as a goal.

The first qualities needed are boldness, courage and perseverance.

And then to be conscious that one knows nothing compared to what one ought to know, that one can do nothing compared to what one ought to do, that one is nothing compared to what one ought to be.

One must have an invariable will to acquire what is lacking in one’s nature, to know what one does not yet know, to be able to do what one is not yet able to do.

One must constantly progress in the light and peace that come from the absence of personal desires.

One could take as a programme: “Always better. Forward!

… Persevere, and what you cannot do today you will be able to do tomorrow.

– The Mother