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Remain Young, Never Stop Striving for Perfection


The definition of youth: we can say that youth is constant growth and perpetual progress – and the growth of capacities, possibilities, of the field of action and range of consciousness, and progress in the working out of the details.

– The Mother

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Sri Aurobindo and the Mother – A Brief Introduction


Yoga used in a world of action, for action, not for renouncing but for transforming our lives. This is what makes Sri Aurobindo stand apart in his spiritual outlook and attainment. ‘Man is a transitional being, not final,’ said he. And the time has now come to take the next decisive step in our evolutionary journey, of giving birth to a new humanity. –

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Of Past Dawns and Future Noons


Endless creativity bursting through every pore of carved rock or painted canvas. Extreme movement meeting calm stillness through the dynamics of dance. Songs of the heart and spirit soaring towards heaven or plunging into the womb of the earth. Valour, foresight and humility reaching across mapped contours to thread inch by inch a whole nation of people. The muse unstoppable as it knit yarn after yarn, to be sung or read or taught or dramatized. Copious amount of intellectual reasoning, deductions, assimilations. Lessons learnt from every act or thought, and in turn spread, like a ravenous fire – from parent to child or mentor to disciple.  All were students of this great game called Life. Looking, hunting, searching with varying degrees of intensity, the answers to unimaginable questions – knowledge for the sake of Knowledge. Studying everything that remained a mystery ¾ from stars and scars to grain and god. They saw no difference, all demanded attention, all received it. Not a cursory glance but meticulous pondering and logical conclusions. Everything deserved an explanation. Specially the enigma of Existence.

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Until the Next Time…


Until the Next Time… is a collection of Editorials written by Shonar and published in a Sri Aurobindo Society e-journal called Next Future spanning over ten years.

It picks from everyday incidents, gives the banal a deeper insight, throws light on the path ahead. While it is personal to the author, by drawing from human experience, it is simultaneously universal in appeal, allowing each one to identify with a thought, an idea, a moment, a shared experience.
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A Call to the Youth of India


A compilation of Sri Aurobindo’s speeches and writings and the Mother’s quotations, it is hoped the book will inspire the Youth of India to serve their Motherland and raise her people to heights far beyond anything achieved in the past.

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The Wonder that is Sanskrit


Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages of the world. The deeper one goes into it the more one is amazed by its beauty and perfection. Whichever aspect one explores, there seems to be no limit to its treasures and wonders. Its very name means “refined” or “sculpted to perfection”. It is through this language that India has been expressing herself abundantly and incessantly for centuries, and its future rests much on this most dynamic language. But in the recent past, we have been cut off from this voluminous body of the highest wisdom, knowledge and genius. This trend is only now beginning to change, and a resurgence of Sanskrit in all fields of life would also mean a revival of the true spirit of India and its soul-force. It is through Sanskrit that we will be able to connect ourselves with the puissance and the creative thrust which propelled our forefathers to create one of the greatest civilisations in the past.

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