One Day Youth Camp at Kalimpong West Bengal

One Day Youth Camp was organized at Kalimpong on 13th day of May 2017, amidst the hills and mother nature the participants attended from across the national boundaries to Integrate to the Teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The camp was most unique for two reasons: firstly participants whole heartedly joined the camp who have come all the way from Nepal and Bhutan; Secondly it was an on floor orientation for our aspiring Auroyouth Trainer Ms. Somdatta Dhar who happens to be one of the representative of West Bengal in the All India Youth Camp of 2015.

The Camp was organized at “Saptashri Gyanpith School” [ ] where 32 Participants have participated from different institutions such as “S.U.M.I”, “St. Augustine’s School”, “Pranami Balika School”, “Cluny Womens’ College”, “Kalimpong College” etc. Sri Amlan Lahiri, Ms. Meera Dahal of Sri Aurobindo Society Kalimpong Centre WC05 have taken key role in organizing the camp.

The camp commenced with Welcome and Introduction to the camp at 9.30 AM by Ms. Meera Dahal. This was followed by a session on Concentration and breathing by Sri Sourav Chattoraj. At 10.15 Participants introduced themselves in a playful manner wherein each participant had to say their name along with the names of other two participants sitting adjacent to them. This was actually done to verify the effect of the concentration and breathing exercises on the participants and the results came out to be mesmerizing. After a short break of 15 minutes at 11.00 AM Smt. Jayantika Basu came up with an Introduction to Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and Sri Aurobindo Society. Ms. Meera Sinha Mahato, a member of Kalimpong Centre of Sri Aurobindo Society, Kalimpong Branch, a homeopathic doctor by profession who practices Homeopathic as guided by the Mother in this regard desired to say in local language the benefit of Integral Health  for 4 minutes. Ms. Mithumita Bardhan conducted her session on “Aim of Life” followed by session by Sourav Chattoraj on “Inner Awareness”. Lunch was provided to the Participants at 2.00 P.M.

The Post Lunch Session was comprised of Participatory Activity, Wherein Participants heard Mother’s Organ Music for 10 Minutes after which they were given a sheet of paper a pencil and crayons with which they were to express their feeling through drawing. The participants came up with some excellent work of creativity. This session was conducted mainly by Somdatta Dhar. The concluding session comprised of distribution of certificates to the Participants and vote of thanks by Ms. Meera Dahal.