One Day Auro Youth Camp at Bankura Branch of Sri Aurobindo Society.

One day Youth camp was organised by Bankura Branch of Sri Aurobindo Society as a part of their three day programme titled “ASPIRATION 2017”  on 12th August 2017. The programme commenced with hoisting of the Mothers flag by Dr. Lilamoy Muhopadhyay, Chairman, Sri Aurobindo Society, Bankura Branch. Soon after, floral offerings were presented to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Smt. Jayantika Basu, Secretary, Sri Aurobindo Society, West Bengal State Committee introduced the participants to the camp and elaborated the attitude with which the camp must be adhered to with beautiful example of Three Pots from Tibetan Buddism.

Sri Sourav Chattoraj conducted a session on breathing exercises and meditation with Mothers music. This was followed by a short break after which a discussion about “Aim of Life” was also conducted which included various illustrations on Inner Stream and outer Stream of life and alignment therein.

Sri Ashok Basak conducted a session on “Inner Awareness”  where he discussed about three basic building blocks of man viz. body, mind and emotion a.k.a Physical Being, Mental Being and Vital Being (As per Sri Aurobindo). The session was followed by Lunch Break.

Post Lunch Session included Participatory Activities, where the entire group of 38 Participants were divided into 7 groups and each group were given a topic, which included “Anger, Rigidity, Jealousy” etc. the participants were to act and demonstrate the particular emotion to the rest of the participants and were asked for the opposite virtue to it which relates to the 12 virtues of the Mother


The Programme conluded with Q&A session and distribution of certificates. The Participants were very enthusiastic about the camp and were willing to participate in similar camps conducted by Sri Aurobindo Society in the future.